Renter's Insurance Information

It’s important to protect your home, even if it’s an apartment you are renting.  This is where renter's insurance is an important resource to take advantage of.  Although Clairemont Rental Properties, LP does not offer renter's insurance or have any affiliation with any provider, we highly recommend that all of our residents obtain renter's insurance. 

Here are some important facts about Renter's Insurance:

  1. Generally, except under special circumstances, the OWNER IS NOT legally responsible for loss to the resident's personal property, possessions or personal liability, and OWNER'S INSURANCE WILL NOT COVER such losses or damage.
  2. If damage or injury to owner's property is caused by resident(s) or residents’ guest(s), the Owner's insurance company may have the right to attempt to recover from the resident payments made under owner's policy.
  3. Following is a non inclusive list of examples of possible costly misfortunes that, except for special circumstances, you could be held legally responsible for:
    • Your apartment or duplex is flooded, through no fault of your own, and you are forced to move to a hotel for a few nights.
    • Your babysitter injures herself in your unit.
    • Your defective electrical extension cord starts a fire, which causes damage to the building and your personal property and or the personal property of others.
    • A friend, or your handyman, is injured while helping you slide out your refrigerator so you can clean behind.
    • While fixing your television set, a handyman hired by you is injured when he slips on the floor you have just waxed.
    • Your locked car is broken into and your personal property, and that of a friend, is stolen.
    • A burglar breaks your front door lock and steals your valuables or personal property.
  4. If you desire to protect yourself and your property against loss, damage, or liability, the owner strongly recommends you consult with your insurance agent and obtain appropriate coverage for fire, theft, liability, workers' compensation and other perils.

The cost of renter’s insurance is reasonable considering the peace of mind, the protection, and the financial recovery of loss that you get if you are adequately protected by insurance.

Act today! Include "finding renter's insurance coverage" on your moving check list.